The Yamaha Motif is a popular keyboard workstation. MotifCity.com offers books, tutorials, guidance, support and friendship to all Krome owners worldwide. We sell books, sounds and tutorials by Mark F. Johnston,  musician, producer, recording artist, corporate jingle producer, author, digital product architect, user interface developer and architect, application architect, User Experience (UX) expert, and lover of basketball.

Author Mark F. Johnston is a Christ follower, minister, husband of 21 years, father of two, U.S. Army veteran, technologist with 15+ years of digital interface design, professional project management, consulting, and leadership experience, professional music/jingle producer, recording artist, author, philosopher, avid student and researcher, basketball player, fitness addict, and Canadian mint lover.

Mark’s love for musical keyboards goes back to his first keyboard purchase in 1991, which was an Ensoniq SD-1. Inspired by the Beastie Boys and others, Mark wrote, recorded, and performed copious amounts of rap and R&B for many years before transitioning to music writing, coaching, and instruction. Mark’s love for rap music (the clean kind) manifested in the founding of RapForMe.com  in 2009, which is  successful  musical endeavor that allows people and businesses to order custom rap songs and jingles. Mark is a great lover of jazz, classical, pre-1995 rock, R&B and select rap music.

At present Mark’s day job is senior project engineer and digital solutions architect for e.Republic, a successful publishing and consulting company in Folsom, CA. When he’s not working, he’s usually pal’ing around with his best friend (wife), reading the Bible and philosophy books, or playing ball/working out.  Mark is currently working on the next Motif book and at the same time writing a fictional work called “Triangulation.”

Mark’s learning philosophy is simple: Theory is good for nothing if it can’t be applied. Repetition is the secret to mastery. Next time you feel like giving up and turning off your keyboard, take a 15 minute walk instead and come right back to it. Don’t give up.

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